Company “IPUKIS” was established in 1991 by Mr. Juozas Paltanavičius.
Company registration form - individual (personal) company - a legal entity with unlimited civil liability. 
100% owner of the Company is  Mr. Juozas Paltanavičius.


1991- 1993
Company starts production of trailers for its own businesss & starts Used vehicle transportation to Baltic states and Eastern Countries.
1995- 1996
Company stops production of trailers and purchases a first  “nine place” trailer. At this moment company has a fleet of:
3 units "five placers" and 1 unit "nine placer" truck.
Automotive logistic company IPUKIS became a member of Lithuanian National Road Carriers Association "LINAVA".
Building of private - "service & maintenance" depot (500 sqm).
Main activity of the Company is carriage of new vehicles from the EU Countries to the Eastern Europe Countries. New vehicle carriage agreements were signed with "InterauropaD.D., A.M.Auto-Group OU", SIA "Gerfco Baltic", "STS Sp. z. o. o.", "Werner Egerland Automobile", "CAT PolskaSP.z.o.o.".
Company Fleet increased by additional 20 trucks.
- "IPUKIS" started cooperation with "Werner Egerland Automobillogistik GmbH + Co.KG" German Transportation Company.
- Company starts new, additional activity in “Building and Construction” sector.
- That year we also starter cooperation with "DKV Euro Service GmbH + Co. KG" German Company.
- Company has been providing carriage services to "GEFCO BENELUX" Belgian Company, "Lucas Logistics Autotransport BV", "Major Auto trans LLC", "Mimo Trans", SIA "Fracht" and others.
- That year we reached a mark of 50 employees working in our company.
- New , company Executive director – Mr. Tomas Paltanavičius, takes place.
- Direct Contract with VW logistic (Transportation of new VW vehicles.).
- Implementation of “Quality system ISO 9001:2008”.
- Intergration of GPS tracking system “Ruptela”.
- Turnover of company "IPUKIS" reached 2,7 mln. eur.
- Foundation of “Profesional Autotransporter drivers school” - we have started our own profesional drivers school with practice.
- Turnover of company "IPUKIS" reached 3,8 mln. eur. (growth of ~ 29%in comparison to previous year).
- Turnover of company "IPUKIS" reached 4,4 mln. eur. (growth of ~ 14% in comparison to previous year).
- Company reached a 50 unit truck fleet. (We use Mercedes-Benz trucks with Kassbohrerplatforms, adapted for carriage from 8 to 10 vehicles. All trucks meet the requirements of Euro-3 and Euro-5 Certificates).
- We have started a development of Electro- Hydraulic pump for truck trailers. - if the project is successful we will be able to give a more environmentally friendly, and cost efficient service to our partners.
- Company becomes a member of "Chambers of commerce in Lithuania".
- Company "IPUKIS" started implementation of “Environmental management system ISO 14001 : 2005”.
- Rebranding of the company (Creation of brand book; Renewal of web page etc.).
- We reached a mark of 100 employees working in our company.
- Target turnover of company "IPUKIS"  7,25 mln. eur. (growth of ~ 39% in comparison to previous year).


winter, Paltanavičiaus Įmonės IPUKIS legal status changed to Uždaroji akcinė bendrovė (Ltd.) IPUKIS. Mr. Tomas Paltanavičius promoted to chief executive officer

Direct contract to TOYOTA company, was signed.
Fleet increased by 6 new Volvo trucks with Kässbohrer (Metago Pro + Intago) superstructures.