About company


     Automotive Logistic company “IPUKIS“ – has been providing transport services since 1991 and regularly organizes vehicle transportation to/from almost all EU countries. 
The main field of company activities is carriage of new and used vehicles along international routes in Europe (Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Italy, France, Netherlands, etc.) based on long-term development strategies and mutually profitable business relations.



  • We are responsible: we assume unequivocal responsibility and guarantee safe carriage of cars. Whatever their question, our clients need only turn to us as it is we who make all the decisions. All car carriers and their cargoes are insured and so safe carriage of cars is secured.
  • We are competent: constant training in the fields of transport and insurance and continuous interest in new developments in logistics and transport allow us to choose and offer the logistics solution that would be optimal for the client.
  • We are reliable: we carefully perform carriage, logistics, and other transport-related obligations. We make no promises we can’t deliver upon. The entirety of our activities – logistics, freight forwarding, car carriage – is oriented towards long-term cooperation with our clients and partners.
  • We are professional: we offer only favourable car carriage solutions predicated on prompt results and low costs. We value our clients equally, whether they order carriage once per year or several times per week.
  • We respond to and promptly address every offer and request.